Bissell Powersteamer Powerbrush Carpet Cleaner Review

Bissell Powersteamer Powerbrush

Today I’ll be reviewing the Bissell Powersteamer Powerbrush carpet cleaner. We’re going to put it through its paces on a soiled carpet with lot of marks on it from many years of abuse. The carpet is 9 years old and we’re going to see how it performs with lifting out all of the marks that are now present on this carpet and all the little stains that are around on it so I’m very interested to see if it will actually pull these marks out and the carpet doesn’t look so good. I’m very very interested to see what the difference is after it has been cleaned. Some of the things that I looked into when I was purchasing this cleaner were the size of the motor and the higher the amperage of the motor. I was looking for a full sized deep cleaner and this is indeed a full sized deep cleaner and this fluid reservoir holds three quarters of a gallon of cleaning fluid and the more cleaning fluid your reservoir holds the less time you will spend empty and get your cleaning fluid and refilling it. This holds both the cleaning fluid and the dirty water so it’s very very easy to change out so you can leave the cleaner in the room and you just take your little pail of dirty fluid pour it down the sink and refill it with clean fluid. It’s a very easy machine to operate. One of the things that you have to do is pre-clean the spots so you need to go down around the room find the spots and get them a spray with carpet cleaner. Halfway through cleaning the room with the bissell carpet cleaner and one of the things that you can notice are little clumps of fluff that are on the carpet. If you take a closer look at them you’ll actually see that it’s just stuff that the carpet is having sucked out of and it clumps up into these little balls, and it’s a good indication that the carpet cleaner is actually cleaning the carpet. We have cleaned half of the room and we’ve now vacuumed up all of the clumps that were on the carpet and we’re now ready to move furniture into the other half of the room and clean the other half of the room. We’ve just finished cleaning the second half of the room and we have lots of little balls of fluff. After we vacuumed it’s looking much much better so the carpet cleaner is certainly doing its job. The carpet is now looking much much better. After letting the carpet dry overnight, the results were amazing. I’m actually very happy with the results and it’s far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the Bissell Powersteamer Powerbrush Carpet Cleaner.

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