Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac Review

Hoover SteamVac

The Hoover Steamvac performances on carpet spills. It does an excellent job clean carpet. I first tested this vacuum on an area that was heavily stained and saw great results. When vacuuming make sure to operate the Steamvac slowly to let it do its job. We also dumped spilled milk and yogurt on the carpet. In both instances the Hoover Steamvac cleaned up the mess and eliminated any traces of the spills. The next test involved using the spin scrub hand tool. I smeared yogurt on the arm of a sofa to test how it cleans up the spill. We pulled the trigger to release the detergent and the spin scrub brush dislodged the stain and sucked up the fluid leaving a clean upholstery. We also used this tool on stairs with great results. The only negative that we found was that Hoover Steamvac is a bit noisy during operation. The Steamvac does come with 2 separate tanks. The top tank is for the cleaning solution, and the bottom tank is where the dirty water goes. To use the Steamvac, you fill the top tank with warm water up to the fill line and add carpet cleaning solution. To empty the dirty water tank, you press a button on the bottom of the Steamvac allowing it to lean back. There’s 2 latches at the base of the tank that you pull outward in order to remove. Overall, I believe the Hoover Steamvac is a great choice if you’re on the market for a carpet cleaner. It’s relatively inexpensive and does a great job cleaning stains out of carpet and upholstery.

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