Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Review

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

Today we are going to be talking about the Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner. As you can see it’s a quite a beast and it’s come at the perfect time for us because we are just about to move house so we’ve got lots of things in this house to clean like rugs, carpets, mattresses, sofas and then we’ll be going into the new house and cleaning all the carpets there too. So it’s come just at the perfect time to try out. I’m going to show you how it works. This is the rug doctor deep carpet cleaner. You can use it on all sorts of surfaces like rugs carpets, mattresses, sofas, and any upholstery you’ve got in the house. It’s a really handy tool to have around. It’s quite a heavy machine but as you can see it’s got these big wheels so you don’t actually need to lift it at all. You can just wheel it about. On the front, there’s the tank for the clean water and the wastewater and on the back, we’ve got the upholstery tool with the nozzle and a super boost spray. If there are any extra stains on the carpet you can add a little bit more water and detergent. It’s super easy to use. There’s a deep clean button you can toggle between carpets and the tool and then the handle release so you can lift the handle up and down to suit your height. To fill the tank we just open the lid turn it around and you add warm tap water into the tank, add the detergent and then you would pull them together and close the lid. Once full we can just return it to the machine and clip it into place and that’s all you need to do. I’m going to test it on different surfaces around the house. I achieve great results cleaning my living room carpet and a stained spot on my sofa that simply disappeared. So that was the review of the rug doctor deep carpet cleaner and I’ve been really pleased with the results. It’s been fab to have a really good spring clean throughout the house just before we move. I’ll be taking it to the new house. We have a dog so I’m going to be using it all the time. It will be invaluable in our new house that has carpets throughout.

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